Oil And Coolant

Quality cleaning and conditioning

Using a Perkins approved cleaner and conditioner for your diesel engine helps to maintain it in the best condition possible when you encounter poor fuel quality. A cleaner and conditioner can help with cold starting, lubrication, preventing the fouling of the fuel filter and cleaning the injectors. It also cleans and protects the entire fuel system against corrosion.
We developed this cost effective, multi-purpose diesel fuel conditioner in response to our customer requests, which were influenced by differences in fuel quality found throughout the world. It incorporates a much more robust level of chemistry and performance not found in other products of its type and is more likely to be required when the available fuel does not meet a number of area-specific regulations.
It is the only fuel cleaner and conditioner available that is tested and approved for use in Perkins diesel engines.

Using fuel conditioner and cleaner can

Compensate for reduced lubricity found in some low sulphur diesel fuels, protecting fuel pumps and injectors from wear and scuffing Contains detergent to help maintain correct injector spray pattern, improving combustion efficiency Improves fuel stability, reducing the formation of gums, sludge and deposits that can block fuel filters Improves fuel combustion for a smoother operation, making starting easier at cold temperatures, and helping to reduce white smoke Helps keep water in the fuel dispersed as tiny drops, making it easier to be eliminated during combustion, helping to eliminate corrosion damage caused by water.

Our cleaner and conditioner counteracts poor quality fuels

Tip and pour

Perkins Diesel Fuel Conditioner is provided for use in a convenient tip and pour container with a guide to the correct dilution measures.

The current formulation of Perkins Diesel Fuel Conditioner has more than 15 ppm sulphur. It is vital that you follow all applicable national, regional and local laws, mandates and regulations concerning the use of diesel fuel conditioners/additives. Individual material safety data sheets are supplied with the conditioner and can also be downloaded here.