Repair products for extended engine life

Using official Perkins repair products can considerably enhance the performance of your engine and extend its life. These parts are available to order quickly and easily from your local distributor. Repair products include fuel injectors, fuel injection pumps, turbochargers and electrics – a category covering both starter motors and alternators.
Our repair products are designed to fit easily with your engine. Precision engineering is as firmly embedded in the official Perkins fuel injectors, turbochargers and electrics as it is in the engines themselves.

Fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are critical to the way an engine works. They spray atomised fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine. They come as both mechanical and electronic items, according to the model of engine, and can be single or multi spray.
We undertake rigorous testing in developing our fuel injectors to bring them to the highest specification, so they can offer:
Optimum combustion, combined with the highest level of performance, maximising the efficiency of your fuel Cleanliness
Meet the latest emission standards, which vary according to where your operations are based

Fuel injection pumps

The fuel injection pump is among the most complex components in your engine. Its role is to inject the precise amount of diesel fuel at exactly the right pressure specified in the operating manual.
All our fuel injection pumps are designed to the highest specification, ensuring we give you precise calibration and fuel delivery. By optimising the combustion in your engine, its power, efficiency and fuel consumption are maximised.
We have simplified the installation process for our fuel injection pumps so you can install them straight on the engine without needing to make any adjustments to the settings.


Turbochargers (turbos) are an integral part of your engine. Operating at speeds of up to 180,000 revolutions a minute, our turbochargers are precision manufactured with tolerances as fine as one-millionth of an inch.
Our turbochargers – which we fit to around four in every 10 engines we manufacture – deliver the highest performance and reliability. They optimise fuel consumption and maximise the performance of your engine by up to 40 percent against the more conventional, naturally-aspirated engines.
They are designed to match the lifetime of an engine but occasionally they can go wrong. As repair parts, they will fit precisely with your engine.


The two most popular offerings that fall under the category of electrics are starter motors and alternators.
Starter motors do just what they say. They offer the consistency that you need in order to start up your engine time and again. To ensure this, we make reliability the starting point for our manufacturing processes.
All Perkins starter motors are designed and tested across a range of temperatures. Our aim is to ensure that they will start around 36,000 times, the equivalent of once a day for almost 10 years.
The alternator is another key component without which an engine cannot function. Its role is to provide electrical power to the machine in which the engine sits when it is running.
It also recharges the battery that is used to start the engine. It must do this time after time in all climates and settings because reliability has to be a watchword for our engines.
Our alternators use high quality internal components; these include brushes and bearings designed and assembled to ensure longevity and keep your operating and owning costs down.

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