A guide to overhaul products

Our overhaul products are designed with you in mind, to meet your engine lifecycle needs. We provide genuine parts that are specifically designed to bring you maximum performance, reliability and durability. We strive to bring you the best products, while reducing your operating and owning costs.
Overhauling your Perkins engine is not a simple task, but you can contact your local distributor who will have a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as advice on overhauling your engine, in addition to being able to supply the products you require.

The range of overhaul products available from Perkins is extensive and falls within three distinct areas – cylinder components, bearings and major components. These are the areas that take the biggest strain when your engine’s in operation and are therefore most likely to need attention when it comes to overhaul. Once in place, they’ll improve your engine’s performance, reliability and durability, extending its working life significantly.

The overhaul product range is made up of a number of different part groups, and is further complimented by an overhaul kit offering, allowing our customers to select an overhaul package that is suitable for their needs.

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