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Vertex engineering industrial solar system Renewable company achievement originates from the craftsmanship Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Solutions. Vertex solar gives best industrial solar solution arrangement in everywhere throughout the Pakistan.
Vertex engineering Solar system keeps up and introduces modified solar power control industrial solutions for the industry. Vertex engineering Solar Panel Industrial solar solution Starts from essential setups fit for fueling a little site the whole distance we have huge solar panel solution which bolster heavy industries.
Our group incorporates of very much prepared experts devoted to solar power. we have a capacity to at unpracticed Cloud zone unit resolved to convey compelling and affordable elective vitality answers for a wide range of associations like , firms, government agencies , districts , utilities and non-profit organizations. Premium Energy gives the accompanying Grid Tied answers for its industrial customers: Starting from 32KW up to 10MW Systems


Specially crafted sustainable energy source products and services

Together with its auxiliary Solar industry in Pakistan, Vertex engineering Solar Power offer a powerhouse of master, specially crafted answers for an assortment of sustainable power source applications. Our immediate connections with makers guarantee that items accessible at discount costs are of the best, generally reasonable for the planned reason, and on account of enormous stockholdings, are promptly accessible. We can offer total arrangements that are customized to our individual clients' needs and their degree of speculation. Our suggestions depend on an exhaustive comprehension of the sustainable power source market and main concern financial considerations administering our client's investments. .


Industrial renewable energy systems

Vertex engineering introducing renewable energy generating creating ability to balance your power utilization can likewise mean a smart business choice regarding protecting your business from raising power costs. Furthermore, whenever situated in Pakistan it is an exhibition of your business' responsibility to add to the nation's sustainable power source focus for 2020.


Our Approach

Our approach to ensuring that we provide the best designed system involves a complete assessment of load requirements including duty cycle and characterisation of any voltage variation, as well as the site environmental conditions and access to renewable energy resources. We will support the installation of your renewable energy system to a level that suits your needs and budget. .

Industrial Solar Solution


If you operate a remote facility off the grid, or require an uninterruptible power supply for utility connected equipment, then a reliable autonomous power system and expert technical support is a necessity.
Solar Power Australia offers integrated solutions and products for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from large independent power plants to small telecommunication repeater stations. Typical applications include:

Telemetry and SCADA at mining sites
Instrumentation and obstruction lighting
Construction site and surveillance lighting
Water pumping, level monitoring and pump control
Telecommunications applications
Remote research facility operations
Traffic signals and lighting for roads and car parks
Power for cathodic protection systems

Our three-way approach

Vertex engineering '3-Way Approach' is a technique to dissect the requirements of our clients, and create and actualize a procedure around those necessities.