Advantages of Solar Energy for Businesses

Let us help you harness the power of the sun.

Solar Saves cash

Probably the best motivation to introduce a commercial or mechanical solar panel system is the money related advantage.

Hybrid Solar

Hybrid Solar Systems offer a powerful way for businesses to gain more independence from rising electricity prices and high demand charges.


Vertex Engineering ‘3-Way Approach’ is a method to analyze the needs of our customers, and develop and implement a strategy around those needs.

Proven Technology

Develop and low-upkeep, High-caliber and sturdy, Essentially increasingly productive Also, above all, they're ensured to set aside you cash on your capacity bill.

Grid connections

Verex Engineering offers modern hardware to make huge scale solar system in any state.

About your energy plan

Commercial solar panel installation

Your business can afford to pay its electricity bills; it can afford the cost of commercial solar power.

Commercial and industrial proprietors can benefit by installing solar oriented vitality on business or manufacturing plant rooftops, or as ground-mounted system on a commercial or industrial grounds. Numerous corporation have massive producing offices with sweeping level rooftop space, what's more, introducing a sun based cluster in that space can be a source of clean, inexpensive energy.

clean, inexpensive energy. The framework size for most of commercial and industrial installation is generally considerably bigger than a run of the mill private nearby planetary group. A commercial solar system can be up to several megawatts (MW) in size, contingent upon the measure of power the office needs.

Commercial solar is considered "circulated age," implying that the energy created by the system is utilized at or close to the point of generation.

Circulated generation projects, for example, rooftop or ground-mounted solar based are usually connected with the nearby electric grid. This takes into commercial property owners to exploit net metering approach empowering appropriated generation customers to send unused power back to the matrix for a financial credit.

Profoundly reliable,

little maintenance

Great quality commercial solar panels offer the best an incentive for money and most are justified to last at any rate 25 years will in any case produce over 80% of the power they are creating today in 25 years' time. The genuine lifetime of solar panels is evaluated to be any longer at around 40 years. Their uncomplicated structure implies little maintenance is required and not a great deal can turn out badly with them. To keep your solar panels generating output at their most extreme they ought to be


your future

With the national network employing utilizing energy saving procedures, vitality security will turn into a top need for Pakistani businesses in the next few years. Solar energy vitality offers companies the capacity to advance purchase the vitality at a fixed rate. Right now is an ideal opportunity to advance beyond the game and your competition, contact Vertex Engineering for counsel and we'll be glad to talk about the capability of solar energy control for your business.