We feel extraordinary about walking in the street at the night, with the overflowing feel of senses over intellect under the street lights making nightlife a prevailing fashion

What made it along these lines, clearly solar- oriented - controlled LED street lights?


Solar led street light system

The Vertex Engineering gives strategic, solar street lighting the sole to give a multiyear execution ensure over the solid item guarantees. Vertex Solar Lighting ensures the lighting levels and battery back-up that was pre consented to when the venture was cited.


How Solar Street lights work

Solar street lights are controlled by solar panels mounted at the highest point of the pole. They convert sunlight into power which charges battery for the duration of the day. Evening time is naturally recognized and actuated at sunset by the drop in solar oriented charge voltage. The astute charge controller detects that the charge cycle is finished and enlightens the light automatically. The solar oriented street light charge controller can be uniquely modified with clock settings, for example, on/off diminish or interim time settings. As a matter of course the charge controller will keep the light on from sunset until day break. The identification of voltage originating from the solar panel will switch the solar street light off and start re-charging the batteries.


Comprehensive Services

With our inside and out information and hard-earned industry-experience, we are exclusively engaged in providing Street Light Installation Services. In this administration, we give establishment work of shafts and lighting framework in different outside spots. Our offered administration is executed by our skilled engineers who are assisted with particular apparatuses and methods. This administration is profoundly acclaimed by our customers for its quickness, strength and reliable quality.


Our Commitment

Vertex Engineering's commitment to greatness in products and administration quality is reflected in the expansive scope of offered services that can adopt to each project’s needs.

Commercial Industrial Solar Lighting Systme Solution


Vertex Engineering Solar Power Relocatable Lighting Solutions allow you to light where you need it, when you need it. The transportable, self contained solar lighting system is perfect for a range of applications and environments, including:

Streets & Pathways
Commercial Buildings
Car Parks
Warehouses & Factories
Parks & Reserves
Mining & Industry
Foreshores, Marinas and Jetties
Transportable Lighting