Signs of engine failure

Engine signs of failure

Our engines are tough and dependable – but they do benefit from regular care and attention. You probably already carry out daily checks, which should include a visual review as well as an operational inspection. These checks, along with in-depth weekly and monthly inspections of your engine, will help flag up potential problems before they lead to major repairs.
You may already be aware, but if you are in tune with your Perkins engine, it will generally give you advance warning if something isn’t quite right.
For instance, there might be more smoke than normal, blue smoke, increased fuel consumption or a slightly different engine noise.
To help you and your staff recognise and understand these early warning signs, here’s a handy guide to the most common engine problems.
And don’t forget. Your local Perkins distributor is always available to help with technical analysis inspections, engine tune-up or maintenance to keep your engine in prime condition.

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