103-10 Engine

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    103-10 Engine

    The ideal range of engines for large projects with little impact on the environment. The 100 Series is a line of two, three and four-cylinder water-cooled diesel engines that offer a high level of performance, reliability and durability for increased profitability. Among the cleanest and quietest on the market.

    Technology used

    Cassette-type fuel injection system
    Forged chrome molybdenum steel crankshaft
    Plateau-honed cylinder bores for optimal oil control
    Distribution control that uses only three helical gears
    Tunnel block design for strong crankshaft bearing support


    Technical Characteristics

    Power  15.8 kW
    Speed   3600 rev / min
    Number of cylinders  3
    Bore  75 mm
    Race  72 mm
    Combustion Indirect Injection
    Compression 23
    Direction of rotation Clockwise looking at the flywheel


    Width 459 mm
    Height 553 mm
    Depth 377 mm
    Weight 83 kg